Make Your Own Wine in Edmond, OK

Interested in Learning to Be a Winemaker?

Vintner's Cellar of Oklahoma in the Spring Creek Village shopping center at 15th Street and Bryant Avenue in Edmond, Oklahoma offers a way to give it a try.

Vintner's Cellar offers its customers a chance to make their own batch of wine with the help of a professional vintner. The cost of a batch ranges from $320 to $520 for about 30 bottles. How much you learn about winemaking is up to you!

The process takes six to eight weeks but you only really need to devote about 45 minutes on the first day. You can be as involved as you want to after that. Most folks also like to be on hand for the end of the process when the wine is bottled, corked and labeled.

They won't be the cheapest cases of wine you have ever bought, but the learning could be priceless!

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