2008 Nuyaka Creek Winefest May 17

Nuyaka Creek Winery Sign
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Join our celebration of fine Oklahoma wines during the Nuyaka Creek Winery 2008 Spring WineFest! More than just a showcase for great wine, the festival offers a fun filled day in the country, live music and the chance to visit with other Oklahoma folks interested in building a great wine industry for our state. Dad even breaks out some wine grape vines to sell most years!

Last Fall we had a terrific line up of many different Oklahoma wines to taste, this Spring should be even better!

DATE: May 17th, 2008 Noon until 7:30 PM
ADMISSION: Buy one $5.00 souvenir wine glass and taste all of the wines.
INFORMATION: Call the Nuyaka Mall at 918-756-8485 or visit the Winefest website.

Remember: Nuyaka Creek's wines are labeled 'Bristow, Ok', but the winery is actually located in the woods...quite a ways East of town.

PRINT THE MAP from the Nuyaka Creek Winery website.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Wow, I didn't know Oklahoma had vineyards.

They sound good is there anywhere to purchase them here in California?

Thomas said...

Thanks for the comment, Jenn of the Jungle.

I would be shocked to learn that any CA retailer was offering any Oklahoma wines. Most Oklahoma liquor retailers don't even offer Oklahoma wines due to a belief that local independent winemakers threaten their police enforced market oligarchy here in the Sooner State.

In fact, our own Oklahoma Dept. of Tourism recently arranged with a California winery to represent our state at the Epcot Wine Festival!