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SJR29 would allow the people of Oklahoma to vote this Fall to give Oklahoma Wineries the right of self distribution of their wines to Oklahoma Liquor Stores and Resturants.

To grow the Oklahoma Wine Industry, Agratourism, Oklahoma Rural Economy, and to bring Tax Dollars into the State... we need this bill SJR29. The Texas Wine Industry is a billion dollar a year business. Oklahoma winemakers believe that we can do that here, if they are just given the ability to do business!

Support Free Trade for Oklahoma

Please call all these members of the House of Representatives Rules Committe today or in the morning of 2-20-2008. Ask them to support bill SJR29 in their Rules Committe vote tomarrow, 2-20-2008.


Shane Jett, Chairman, Tecumseh, District 27, 405-557-7349

Bill Nations, Vice Chairman, Norman, District 44, 405-577-7323

James Covey, Custer City, District 57, 405-557-7325

Joe Dorman, Rush Springs, District 65, 405-577-7305

Rob Johnson, Kingfisher, District 59, 405-577-7407

Tad Jones, Claremore, District 9, 405-577-7380

Ryan Kiesel, Seminole, District 28, 405-577-7372

Greg Piatt, Ardmore, District 48, 405-577-7326

Trebor Worthen, Oklahoma City, District 87, 405-577-7335

To find your Representative go to:

okhouse.gov - House Membership - Find Your Representative - Legislator Search for Oklahoma - Your Address - Submit.

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