Welfare For Corporations in Oklahoma

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KJRH recently covered the continueing efforts of Oklahoma lawmakers to protect liquor wholesalers from a free market.

Under the current system, McSpadden said, an Oklahoma wine maker who wants to sell a case of wine to a local liquor store must transport the wine to a liquor warehouse in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, where it has to sit for 24 hours before it can be trucked back to the liquor store in the winery's hometown. -- KJRH story - Liquor wholesalers keep wine bill bottled up in committee

The general arguement that a few distributors are easier to regulate than a diverse free market could apply to ANY product or industry. Real 'free trade' doesn't require complicated 'negotioations' between legislators, distributors and wine makers. It doesn't require 800 plus page NAFTA style pacts. It simply requires the willingness of our leaders to get OUT of the business of picking winners and buiding monopolies to fund their campaigns.

Anything less is corporate welfare.

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