The Fairchild Wine Vault in OKC

Fairchild Winery was the first winery to operate in Oklahoma territory. It's ruins today still stand as a model of Oklahoma's willingness to shoot itself in the foot economically.

Edward B. Fairchild, an Englishman who arrived during the land run of 1889, built this 14 foot-by-41-foot stone vault. Prohibition of alcohol in the new state prompted Fairchild to sell his property in 1907.

The vault is currently vacant.

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Anonymous said...

Your information is incorrect.
The vault is not vacant. It has not been vacant since 1987.
My family bought the property in 1987, and we do not appreciate being disparaged in this manner. If any of you think you can do better--come on over with your chainsaw. Maybe I will let you taste my wine. Jerks.