2008 Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association Leaders

This year's OGGWMA Annual Conference has resulted in some major leadership changes and well as changes to the Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association By-Laws.

The new OGGWMA Board includes:

President - Andrew Snyder
Vice-President - David Martin
Secretary - Susan Boehrer
Treasurer - Becky Brinkley
Western Region Director - Rusty Allard
Central Region Director - George Ingles
Eastern Region Director - Bob McBratney
Past President - Gary Butler

Stop by the Oklahoma Grape Growers & Wine Makers Association website and check out all of the new changes for 2008. The news is pretty interesting, heck I even picked up this cool Oklahoma grape growing tip from them:

As you prune this season think about saving the cane at each end of the cordons as late as you can. If a late freeze heads our way pruning the end cane can perhaps delay bud break a day or two. - OGGMWA

There are some changes to the dues and membership setup to check out. Regulatory reform proposals concerning direct sales and shipping will be voted on by our state officials again this year. Oklahoma wineries that were not able to send anyone to the annual meeting can find more information online here.