The SWRA Offers Free Help for Oklahoma Wineries

How to Tell Folks That You Cannot Ship Them Your Oklahoma Wine

Most wine retailers that mention their wines online get requests for direct sales. Many use their websites to try and explain the rapidly changing, unclear and inconsistent list of what states they may ship to. A few of them explain why they won’t ship to certain states. If they bother to explain, it is usually through a cursory note that shipping wine is prohibited by law in Oklahoma or whatever other state 'protected' by the corrupt and obsolete three tier system.

It would do the consumer good to understand more about the restrictions that prohibit them from purchasing and having shipped a legal and healthy product like locally produced wine. To that end, The SWRA has put together some sample statements for retailers who want to give customers in states they can’t ship to a better understanding of their predicament. Retailers have SWRA’s permission to use any of the five explanations in their article with or without attribution to SWRA.

Five ways that Wine Retailers Should Send the Right Message from the SWRA.

Oklahoma winemakers, stifled from shipping their wines to the global market of wine consumers currently requesting shipments, may find this response options useful. They are certainly well worth a look.

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