Oklahoma Wine Tasting at Nuyaka Creek

Nuyaka Creek Winery Annual Spring Wine Festival Saturday, May 7, 2005

Things are pretty busy around here as we try to prepare for Nuyaka Creek Winery's Annual Spring WineFest. Mom and Dad like to throw a party on the first Saturday of May every year. It is pretty fun getting to hear so many people's impressions of Dad's wines and in some years the weather even cooperates. The forecast is calling for a sunny day in the 70's, so it should be excellent this year.

Usually, I get too caught up in pouring wine and visiting with folks to enjoy much of the live music and festival food. However if any Wine News readers turn out for the festival, drop me line and let me know if you had any fun. We'll be pouring over a dozen Nuyaka Creek wines, but the real highlights (for me) are the 2001 Ruby Cabernet and this years White Table Wine.

The bottle aging on the Ruby Cabernet has resulted in malolactic fermentation that has made it softer and warmer on the palate, yet more complex in flavors. My wife and I think it is at its prime now. Also, if you read OSU's latest report on grapevine testing, you know that the Ruby Cabernet varietal offers a great deal of promise for Oklahoma vineyards.

Ruby Cabernet is a red grape created in 1936 by Dr Harold Olmo at UC Davis. It is a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan and the intention was to combine Carignan's heat tolerance with Cabernet Sauvignon's quality.
Dad made this year's White Table Wine from my favorite white wine grape, Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blancs are higher in acid and often have citrus or melon in the nose and tastes. I prefer to enjoy this refreshing wine chilled with friends on a warm sunny day.

Dad will also have some rooted wine grape cuttings for sale, so bring the truck and drive on out for the 2005 Oklahoma Wine Festival. we'd love to se ya!

(Don't forget to print the map to Nuyaka Creek Winery!)
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