See Mondovino and Taste an Assortment of Oklahoma Wines

Movie and Wine Tasting - Tuesday evening May 17 at Circle Cinema in Tulsa.

MONDOVINO is another great hit about the world of wine. Across three continents, MONDOVINO weaves together the family sagas of billionaire Napa Valley power brokers, the rivalry of two aristocratic Florentine dynasties and the fight of three generations of a Burgundian family to preserve their few acres of land. Mondovino and Sideways are the two big wine movies of 2005.

Tulsa's Circle 2 Theater will feature four Oklahoma wineries on Tuesday evening - Sparks Vineyard and Winery, Natura Vineyards and Winery, StableRidge Vineyards and Winery and Summerside Vineyards and Winery. The wineries will be selling tasting of their wines before the presentation of Mondovino. You are invited to come at 6pm to sample the wines and enjoy the film at 7pm.

Sparks Vineyard and Winery - Wine and Art Events page.

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