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The pioneering entrepreneurs working to launch wine businesses in Oklahoma have a lot to learn. Most don't come from established wine families and even fewer inherit mature vineyards and the experience that goes along with being raised in the grapes. Although many of Oklahoma's new vineyard managers are quite knowledgeable in subjects like drip irrigation and grape vine pruning, they often struggle to learn the ins-and-outs of government winery regulations, grapevine hybridization and grapevine research.

In Oklahoma, new vineyard owners and generations old family farmers alike depend on one resource to keep their agribusinesses current on the latest technologies and research. That resource is Oklahoma State University. They provide affordable training options like grape management courses and agribusiness enterprise budgeting and research reports like: The Vineyard Establishment & Management in Oklahoma Handbook and their extremely valuable: Summary of Grape Variety & Rootstock Performance Data.

More OSU Wine Business Training in 2005

Winery Sanitation Workshop - May 16, 2005

Topics Covered:
1. Sanitation as part of a comprehensive quality assurance program.
2. Winery sanitation and wine quality.
3. Selection and use of cleaners/sanitizers in the winery.
4. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of facilities.
5. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of equipment.
6. Pest control.
7. Sanitation program verification and record keeping.
8. Demonstrations
- Pest control equipment.
- Equipment breakdown and cleaning.
- Clean-in-place (CIP) equipment use.

OSU has even created a PDF version map of Licensed Oklahoma Wineries that shows the recent rapid growth of Oklahoma wineries.

Check out your local OSU Extension Office to learn more about how OSU can help your Oklahoma grape growing and wine making efforts or keep your eyes on (or subscribe to) the Oklahoma Wine News blog.

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