Bumper Crop of Wild Cherries at Nuyaka Creek Winery

Nuyaka Creek Winery reports a bumper crop on their big old wild cherry tree. Wild Cherries, AKA Chokecherries, are high on flavor and in antioxidant pigment compounds but very low on sugar. Long ago, the chokecherry was a staple of the Native American diet. Later, European settlers began to use chokecherries in the northern Plains. They used the choke cherry or bird cherry for jam, jelly, wine, and syrup.

This year's heavier than usual summer rains appear to have pumped up production enough to warrant a batch of Cherry Berry Wine. Hopefully, a little bit of this Oklahoma wild cherry and blackberry wine will be available for an early taste at the annual Fall Wine Festival on September 18, 2010 (Winefest Flyer PDF). Nuyaka Creek Winery is bringing you a taste of history to celebrate their 10th annual Fall winefest! See you there!

Other Oklahoma Winery News

Saturday, July 17, 2010 - Classical Flamenco Guitar with Lon DeAda at Tidal School Winery.

Lon DeAda, a classical Flamenco guitar player, is a favorite of all his fans from Benali's as well as around Tidal School Winery. This is a free event for more details, visit Tidal School Winery's website or call 866-258-1903. It would be a great time to try Tidal's new 'Ein Glass' semi-dry white wine!

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