Tom Wark on Oklahoma State Question 743

Looking for some more detailed analysis of the upcoming Oklahoma State Question 743, to allow Sooner State winemakers to self-distribute?

Tom Wark writes an excellent wine industry blog that I have been reading for years. He is a passionate voice demanding American lawmakers to live up to the Free Trade philosophy they claim these days. If you have never read Tom's Daily Wine Blog Fermentation, his recent blog posting on Oklahoma State Question 743 is a great introduction!

The fact of the matter is that both political parties are busily looking to craft so-called free trade deals to benefit their corporate cronies. Hopefully, over time we can elect a new generation of leaders willing to support free trade here at home before looking for more exotic offshore partnerships.

Oklahoma State Question 743 is step in the right direction, if it can make it through the courts. However, until Oklahoma wineries have access to the same 'infinite shelf space' of the internet that other state's wineries enjoy, the Oklahoma wine industry will be trapped in its infancy. Worse, the Oklahoma wine lover's will continue to provide a 'captive audience' to any wholesaler willing to pay for an exclusive market.

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