Harvest Grapes for Your Next Fund-Raiser

Oklahoma Grapes
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It’s almost harvest time at Stone Bluff Cellars and the winery is looking for individuals or groups to help pick grapes, according to Dee Selby, winery spokesman.

"This is a great opportunity for area non-profits or school booster clubs to earn money for their organization," Selby said. "In the past, we’ve relied solely on volunteers or area FFA groups, but the job is too big for that now. This way, we can still help give back to the community, and it allows individuals who just want to put in a day’s work the opportunity for some one-time earning."

Organizations or individuals that wish to take advantage of the fund-raising opportunity should call the winery at 918.482.5655 or email info@stonebluffcellars.com Additional information will be provided at that time.

The winery will need about 40 people for the white grape harvest in mid-August and about 75-80 people for the red grape harvest in mid-September, Selby said.

Each person picking will need to provide a photo ID (like a driver’s license) and a secondary proof of citizenship (birth certificate or social security card). The winery will give each picker a ticket for each full bin of grapes picked, and then pay $4 per bin to the organization or individual.

Dee Selby - Marketing
Stone Bluff Cellars

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