USDA Census of Agriculture Important for Oklahoma Vineyards

From the OGGWMA Website:

The Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association (OGGWMA) urges all grape growers to register for the USDA Census of Agriculture. The census is conducted every five years and is the most comprehensive source of statistics about the nation's agricultural system.

The statistics are used in grants and policy decisions by federal and state legislators and policy makers. We want every vineyard in Oklahoma to register their acreage. The data is a very important tool in our proof of value and worth to the Oklahoma economy. This is confidential data that is known only to the USDA Census. It is reported by crop and state, and if we can get our Oklahoma Dept of Ag to agree, the county by county info will be sorted from the federal data.

Go to the webpage below to be included in the 2007 Census. https://www.agcounts.usda.gov/cgi-bin/counts There you need to complete a short form to make sure that they receive a survey from the Ag Census...It takes less than two minutes to fill in the form.

You can also call tool-free 800-892-1660 and ask to receive an Ag Census survey.
Grapes are specifically counted. We need every grower to count their vines and report to the closest tenth of an acre (and round up, not down!)

It will be exciting to see how much we have grown from the 2002 figures!

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