The Essential Definition of Corruption

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Tom Wark is the author of an excllent wine industry blog called Fermentation: the Daily Wine Blog. Rather than simply focusing on his wine tasting opinions, Tom provides a lot of great insider information and wine industry technical details.

In an April post, Tom explained the realities of the Three Tier System Federal Judge Friot recently judged so worthy of protection. Rather than the usual legal double-speak our leaders hide behind, Tom presents a story that illustrates the impact of local trade restrictions and forced monopolies.

Between 2000 and 2006 alcohol wholesalers in America contributed over $40 million to state candidates.

The three tier system is in place in nearly every state in America.

This system was created over 70 years ago and has changed little in that time.

Howard Wolf, a respected businessman in Texas and one who has been a keen observer of the three tier system in America wrote recently:

"When laws become disconnected from the reality of social behavior and commercial activity, the inevitable, even if unintended, result is the use of public authority to advance private, rather than public, goals. The essential definition of corruption in a representative democracy is the usurpation of public authority to the advancement of private interest." - Tom Wark - Full Article.

In addition to the keen quote above, Tom's article decribes the impact the 3 Tier System has on: reducing the quality of local wines, reducing the availability of local wines, increasing the price of local wines and generally screwing up the economy for all.

I hope everyone will visit Tom's blog and read: 'The Story of Chateau Bob'.

Then contact your local congresscritter for an explanation of why they wasted their time declaring the watermelon our state vegetable instead of working toward real industry reform focused on consumers rights and free trade.


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