Oklahoma Winery Investment Opportunity

Mural in Drumright
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Tidal School Vineyards is opening its newest virtual winery investors program.

Round one of the program paid out a 21 percent profit for investors and round two is on its way to similar figures, said Gary Schroeder, president and CEO of Tidal School. Now the winery is opening round three of their series of Virtual Winery investments to potential investors.

The virtual winery allows investors to share in the profits of creating a wine without actually owning a vineyard or any equipment. Schroeder explained virtual winery investors don't own vineyards, buildings, or equipment. They don't have employees and the related complications. They provide the needed capital for the project and then share in the gross revenues from the sale of the wine.

Round three of Tidal School Vineyards Virtual Winery, which is open to new investors, will focus of the development of Oklahoma Gold, the third installment in a series of Tidal School wines that also includes Oklahoma Sweet and Oklahoma Sunset.

The Tidal School Winery is located two miles south of Drumright on State Highway 16. For more
information about the winery, visit their website www.tidalschool.com.

Those interested in receiving more information on the virtual winery investors program should email gary@tidalschool.com.   2006 Wineries & Wine-Making Industry Report

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