Festivus Celebration in Okemah Dec 16, 2006

A Festivus for the rest of us!
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Grape Ranch - Festivus for the Restivus

Festivus is here and it's time to celebrate. The holiday for everyone begins at Grape Ranch Saturday Dec. 16, 2006 from 1-6pm.

The traditional celebration of this anything but traditional seasonal supplement includes the 'Airing of Grievances', 'Feats of Strength', plenty of nibbles, even more good cheer and hopefully your over-the-top participation in the silliness.

And yes, they have a pole. Although it's not too fancy. And no, there will be no tinsel. It's too distracting. Plan on a good time and remember to pick up plenty of Grape Ranch's nearly world famous Festivus wine for your friends and family.

Let them know you are coming by sending them an RSVP. The party is free, except for the liquid good cheer part.

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