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2006 Okie Award
2006 Okie Award,
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Some wonderful Oklahoma blogger out there has nominated Oklahoma Wine News for the 2006 Okie Blog Awards. Whoever you are, I thank you.

It is, of course a very humbling honor to have your efforts recognized by your peers. With so many great Oklahoma bloggers out there, the only reason my blog could hope to get a mention is likely due to being in a pretty obscure category...the Commercial Blog.

Oklahoma Wine News was nominated in the Commercial Blog category. I think that is pretty appropriate. Unlike most blogs, Oklahoma Wine News is not here to detail my personal misadventures or demonstrate literary talent, political acumen or anything else about me. We just hope to get the word out about the exciting new wine industry that is blossoming in Oklahoma.

Because of the reasons listed above, some have said that Oklahoma Wine News isn't a blog at all. That is why I am so grateful for being nominated by another blogger.

Now I just have to get a few more bloggers to put in a vote for Oklahoma Wine News.

If you are an Okie Blogger interested in voting, here is the link 2006 Okie Blog Awards Voting and here are the details:

Only Okie bloggers with active Okie blogs at the start of nominations are eligible to vote.

'Active' is defined as having at least one blog post between June 16 and Aug. 14, 2006.

An "Okie blog" is defined as having at least one active blog author residing within the state of Oklahoma.

A blogger cannot vote for his or her own blog.

A blogger can only vote for one blog per category.

The voting period ends on Sept. 20, 2006.

Vote early and vote often Y'all!

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