StableRidge Vineyards Offers Winemaker Training in August

Winemaker Reality Check

During the month of August, the vinters at Stableridge Vineyards are inviting up to 4 people per weekend to participate in every aspect of winemaking from the vine to the wine.

This is the same workday that the winery owners and workers put in. If you ever considered the business of wine you should take advantage of this opportunity. Participants will help harvest, crush, and press the grapes and prepare them for fermentation. Additional sessions include bottling the wine at a future date.

Openings are limited to four people per weekend. The price is $75.00 per person.

Accommodations are available, on-site, for an individual or couple for an additional $65.00 for the weekend.

You can sign-up by phone 918.968.1769 or e-mail stableridge@valornet.com

StableRidge Vineyards Winery - Route 66 Stroud Oklahoma

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