Wine Tasting and Dinner in Downtown Stroud, Oklahoma Dec 18

Wines of the World Tasting & Dinner in Stroud, OK
December 18th, Sunday, 5 pm.

The Wine Village in Stroud, Oklahoma is hosting a 'Wines of the World Party'. Guests will bring a bottle of their favorite wine from anywhere in the world (Oklahoma included) to share with wines brought by other guests. It will be a great chance to be surprised and to taste wines from different regions of the world!

Many of the attendees are members and friends of Oklahoma Grape Growers & Wine Makers Association. Come and meet these fun folks at Stroud's newest wine venue. Dinner is $10 per plate. Seating is limited. Please RSVP by Dec. 14th.

Contact The Wine Village for more information Toll Free: 877-669-8893 or use their Online Event Form and reserve your tickets today.

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