Lincoln County Voters Approve Liquor-by-the-Drink

Big Win for Lincoln County Wine Grape Growers

Tuesday, Lincoln County became the 45th county in the state to authorize the sale of liquor by the drink. The issue was approved by 1,752 (54.6 percent) to 1,457 (45.4 percent).

Don Neal, president of the Lincoln County Grape Growers Association (LCGGA), said although his group was responsible for getting the measure on the ballot, little time or money was spent by the membership promoting the effort.

Don said that LCGGA distributed no handbills and only purchased one newspaper advertisement. It sure sounds like the voters of Lincoln County were ready for a change!

Some counties restrict the sale of alcohol in restaurants on Sundays and holidays, but the Lincoln County ballot question allows it to be sold seven days a week.

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