Tulsa Today Article - Oklahoma Wineries Indulge

Tulsa Today has just released an excellent article on Oklahoma wineries. Here's a short clipping:
Picture yourself sitting high atop a second-story balcony with a spectacular view, watching a beautiful, Oklahoma sunset while sipping a bold, red Shiraz and listening to contemporary music. There’s no place in Oklahoma where you can indulge such sensory pleasures, you say? Oh, yes there is - and how...

The article goes on to mention loads of Oklahoma vineyards and wineries like: Greenfield Vineyard and Winery, Woodland Park Vineyard, StableRidge Winery, Nuyaka Creek Winery, Tres Suenos Winery, Moonfeathers Winery, Sparks Vineyard & Winery, Summerside Vineyards, Grape Ranch and Tidal School Vineyards.

They were even kind enough to put in a plug for our statewide winemaking organization's website at: www.OklahomaWines.org

Stop by their website to read the full article:
OK Wineries Indulge

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