The Yellow Morels Are Here

Taste Oklahoma

If you have visited Nuyaka Creek Winery lately, you probably met my Dad... Pete Jones.

Dad works the winery most days dispensing: grape growing info, sage advice for new vintners and Oklahoma's widest selection of uniquely Oklahoma wines. However lately he has been slipping off to participate in the Spring Morel Hunt.

You see, in addition to his winemaking prowess, he is keenly knowledgeable about the habits and habitations of the elusive yellow morel mushroom that briefly visit our parts of Oklahoma every year. Last weekend he even treated my devoted wife and I to the finest fried morel mushroom feast that I have had the pleasure enjoying in years. What a guy!

Next time you visit Nuyaka Creek Winery, stop by and visit with Dad about two of his favorite subjects: red wine and morels. He won't show you his hunting spots, but he just might turn you on to our secret family recipe for the best cajun fried morels you ever tasted!

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