Wine Tasters Should Protect Their Teeth

Don't Let Wine Ruin Your Smile

Usuf Chikte, of the University of Stellenbosch, will be awarded a PhD for his recent research into the struggle between the grape and the gumline. His study found that the teeth of regular drinkers can become more sensitive, discolour or even crumble away as a result of the wines acidity.

A wine company noticed it was paying out an unusually high amount for the dental problems of it workers, especially the wine tasters who rinse their mouths with wine up to 120 times per day. They approached Chikte to study the problem.

It turns out that, according to Chikte's dissertation, any food or drink with a pH value lower than 5.5 can damage people's teeth and wine usually tips the scales at a pH value around 2 or 3!

Wine drinkers can counter the negative effects of wine by, among others, drinking a lot of water, not keeping the wine in their mouths for too long, and eating something like cheese which provides minerals for the teeth.

Chikte's recommendation for people who drink or taste wine as part of their jobs is to visit the dentist every three months for fluoride treatment.

I was surprised when I noticed how quickly red wine darkens my teeth, but I had no idea it was damaging the enamel. Bummer, I need a drink of wine and some cheese!

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