Buy Your Wine Grape Vines While Supplies Last

Wine Grape Vines for Planting are Back!

Winter is a great time to order those specialty wine grape varieties to build up your vineyard. Once the summer heat rolls in, the grapevine selling nurseries will become unwilling to ship their plants.

VineByDesign.com has just begun their wine grape vine selling season. Grab your grape vines before the supply runs out. Here's a couple bargains that are likely to sell out before Spring:

Cynthiana wine grapes often sell out at the nurseries because the grape is much more difficult to clone than other wine grape varieties. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape sells out fast because it is the most popular wine grape in the world.

In addition, Nuyaka Creek Winery has begun their annual Autumn Pecan Sale!

Check out these bargains you can catch while tasting the dozens of Made-In-Oklahoma wines they offer:

  • Papershell Pecans $2.25 per lb.

  • Cracked Papershell Pecan Goodies $2.60 per lb.

  • Native Pecans $1.25 a lb.

  • Cracked Native Pecans $1.60 per lb.

  • Fully Shelled Papershell Pecan Goodies $7.99 per lb.

  • Fully Shelled Native Pecan Goodies $6.99 per lb.

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