Open Source Winery Management Software

Affordable Technology for Managing Winery Operations

Osiris is an Open Source Winery Management application.
It tracks all functions involved in wine production from harvest through bottling. It is a record keeping system and tracks wine compositions in all detail. Complete lot histories of all analyses and treatments, including cumulative additions and cost going back to weight tags.

A storage vessel can be any wine container you define. You can use single and groups of vessels such as barrels, tanks or trucks. Gauges can be interfaced to the system. Cost and wine lost to process is tracked and available in any form and any time letting you know if a wine is profitable. Taste and quality are tracked and problem areas are identified. For larger wineries tank lineup may prove very profitable with faster processing and reduced cellar crews.

Oklahoma wineries are struggling to be more successful in vital areas like Knowledge Management, winery operations, winery marketing, quality control, budgeting and grape growing. Low cost technology solutions like Osiris will become more important as the Oklahoma state wine industry grows.

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