Wine Bills Recently Introduced to the Oklahoma Senate

A short list of wne issues recently placed before the Oklahoma State Senate.

Remember: You have to speak up to be heard by your legislature!

SJR52 INT - 2/2/04 -

A Joint Resolution directing the Secretary of State to refer to the people for their approval or rejection a proposed amendment to Section 3 of Article XXVIII of the Oklahoma Constitution; making language gender neutral; modifying requirement for sales of certain wine to licensed wholesale distributors; providing for written and electronic orders for certain wine for delivery or shipping to consumers; providing ballot title; and directing filing.

SB1506 INT - 2/2/04 -

An Act relating to intoxicating liquors; amending 37 O.S. 2001, Sections 505, 521, as last amended by Section 6, Chapter 484, O.S.L. 2003, and 549 (37 O.S. Supp. 2003, Section 521), which relate to the manufacture, sale possession, or shipment of alcoholic beverages, acts authorized by the various licenses and possession of certain alcoholic beverages; making language gender neutral; deleting obsolete language; authorizing certain shipment of wines into the state to persons twenty-one years or older; limiting amount; prohibiting resale of wine; declaring sale of wine to be considered to have taken place at winery; requiring certain labeling of containers; requiring photo identification for delivery; prohibiting delivery to certain persons; requiring certain reports and providing procedures thereto; providing penalties; conforming language; clarifying agency; authorizing winemakers to receive written and electronic orders for certain wine for delivery or shipment to consumers; providing exception to amount of alcoholic beverages a person may possess on which certain tax is unpaid; and providing a conditional effective date.

SB1343 INT - 2/2/04 -

An Act relating to wineries; amending 37 O.S. 2001, Section 518.1, which relates to sale of Oklahoma wine to restaurants; clarifying language; and providing an effective date.

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