Tetra Briks Innovative Wine Packaging Coming to America?

Tetra Briks® scheduled to arrive in the U.S. market by early summer.

"1.6 billion Tetra Pak wine packages were sold globally last year, making this one of the fastest growing new categories. Americans are already buying their favorite high-quality milk products, soups and chai tea’s in Tetra Paks, so why not wine?...the savings that we can pass along to the consumer are significant, considering that there are no corks, labels, or foils used, and the cartons are a fraction of the weight and cost of glass."

Tetra Brik® is a registered trademark of Tetra Pak. Three Thieves, the first U.S. company to try TetraBriks, can be reached at 866-JUG-BOYS, or via their website, threethieves.com.

Innovative Wine Packaging Coming to America?

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