Sustainable Agriculture Grants Available

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The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture is again soliciting grant proposals from agricultural producers across Oklahoma interested in conducting research or demonstration projects.

Grants can be funded for up to $3,500 for a two-year project and up to $7,500 for a three-year project.

This is the tenth year of the successful and popular program.

“Agriculture has changed and will continue to change,” said Alan Ware, program director. “Producers will need to think ‘outside the box’ of current conventional production and marketing systems in order to develop successful and innovative strategies for the future.”

The goal of the program is to advance the use of sustainable farming/ranching practices by Oklahoma producers. Educational programs should be a key component of any proposal submitted. All research and demonstration projects should have measurable outcomes.

To apply for this grant, a farmer/rancher should request an information packet from the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture at 918.647.9123, or download it from http://www.kerrcenter.com/HTML/opg.html.

To streamline the application, the grant process is divided into two sections: preproposal and full proposal. A preproposal is a two or three page summary of the proposed project.

This allows producers to write down an idea for consideration without spending long hours completing a full proposal.

Preproposals must be received at the Kerr Center by October 31, 2007.

Selected preproposals will be asked to complete a full proposal application. Full proposals will be due on December 14, 2007. Award notification will be made by January 16, 2008.

The project must fit into one of eight priority areas: soil conservation, water quality, waste management, pest control, locally adapted crops and livestock, biodiversity, energy conservation, and increased profitability/reduced risk.

A qualified independent technical committee reviews all preproposals. Farmers are encouraged to link up with extension personnel, other state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and/or other farmers or specialists to assist with executing and analyzing their projects.

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