Sunset for the Winemakers of Oklahoma?

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Oklahoma wine tourism writer, Elaine Warner, has an excellent local wine industry article in the June 3 edition of the Edmond Sun. In her article, Elaine lays out the covert way our so-called representatives have sold out Oklahoma families to serve their deep pocketed, out-of-state, sugar daddies! Warning: If you believe in free trade, Oklahoma industry or fair play the article linked below may induce vomiting.

...Thanks to three liquor wholesale companies in Oklahoma, wineries may be forced to sell their products through wholesalers who take up to a 22 per cent cut for their minimal efforts. The wholesalers sued the ABLE Commission, saying direct sales were illegal. Seems they’re concerned that large out-of-state producers are going to be crushed by Okie wine sales. Or are they worried that the out-of-staters might be able to bypass them, too? --Elaine Warner Click here for the Full Article

Take the link above and read Elaine’s full article. She suggests a few ways Oklahoma citizens can address this betrayal before the next round of elections for state ‘Representatives’.

We are blessed to have folks like Elaine in our state providing a voice for those who cannot afford to buy the support of the Oklahoma State Congress.

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