Wine Workshop at Territory Cellars May 26

Bartles and Jones
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Lincoln County Grape Growers Association invites you to expand your wine horizons through learning about The Wine Sensory Picture, a method developed to provide an alternate route to communicate smell and taste without being limited by the confines of words and language.

The Wine Sensory Picture...

· recognizes the match between distinct neurological sensations and certain colors and shapes.

· the flavor of the wine and overall experience is translated into a painted picture that others will be able to “taste” with their eyes.
has achieved extra-ordinarily high “wine description/correct recognition” ratios in excess of 80%, meaning that an individual will correctly match 8 out of 10 tasted wines with their corresponding Sensory Wine Picture that was previously painted by someone else, surpassing language, culture, education or other variables.

Learn about this revolutionary process from the man who developed the concept, Martin Darting, a certified wine grower and producer at Muller-Catoir, which is known to be among the most prestigious wineries in Germany. Mr. Darting has recently spent time in Oklahoma, visiting wineries and vineyards, observing and assessing the likenesses in Oklahoma’s weather and European practices. He will address these topics during the presentation.

The workshop will be held at Stroud’s newest winery, Territory Cellars on Sunday, May 26 from 1-6 p.m. The winery is located ¼ mile north of Turner Turnpike on Highway 99. Take the second right after the “Glorieta Grapes and Guesthouses” sign. The attendance fee is $35 which may be paid at the door. Dinner will be provided.

Please RSVP by Saturday, May 25th, 12:00 noon. You may reach us by contacting Heather Newnam at 918.625.6662 or by emailing: stroudre@brightok.net

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