Corruption - the Fruit of the Three Tier System

Tom Wark from the Daily Wine Blog: Fermentation sent me a link to an interesting story on how the Texas State government is being corrupted by their own so-called regulation of the wine industry. Expect a similar flim-flam scam to be played out in Oklahoma this Summer.

A citizen member of the state's Sunset Advisory Commission wants the Legislature
to dismantle what he calls the 'corrupt system' of alcoholic beverage regulation
that he says protects wholesale distributors. - Austin attorney Howard
, in a scathing position paper, criticized the relationships among
lawmakers, wholesale distributors and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage
- Full article:
Panelist: Texas liquor regulation 'corrupt' Chron.com - Houston

Forcing a government monopoly onto the market with the goal of preventing corruption is like having sex to prevent pregnancy.

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