Adding an Oklahoma Wine Competition to Your Next Family Holiday

Wine Tasting
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In Oklahoma, the holidays are a time to drive around the area visiting friends and family for great meals and great conversations. If you are looking for a fun way to add some local flavor to your house party and celebrate the upcoming Oklahoma Centennial try adding an Oklahoma winery taste-off to your event planning.

Supplies Needed: Wine Glasses, Good Cheese, Crackers, Friends and Your Favorite Oklahoma Wines.

Encourage your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite Sooner State vino and you have the makings of a fun competition and great icebreaker. Plan ahead to make sure you have enough wine for the amount of company attending and try to avoid duplication. One bottle of wine will give you a tasting portion for around 15 people. Four to eight different kinds of wines will keep things interesting. Feel free to contact one of your local wineries if you have any questions when planning a wine tasting.

The Centennial is a Great Time for Creating New Traditions

Nothing brings home the local flavor like an Oklahoma Wine Taste-off. When we have a wine taste-off in our clan, we like to crown each year's winning bottle with a VinoGlo Wine Bottle Lamp Kit - another great product from an Oklahoma company. Finally, We announce the winner and have the guest or host who brought the winning wine autograph the label.

On occassion, some folks have even introduced non-Oklahoma wines but they never win... due to our unique scoring system. It includes points for the story of how you acquired the bottle of wine. Typically, the story of how you get your Oklahoma wine is much more interesting than 'I drove to the liquor store' and may involve colorful characters and exotic journeys. It is the kind of story that can only come from using a homemade map to visit a place that is open from: 'Sun-up to Dark-Thirty'. Stories like that deserve keepsakes to preserve the memories.

Your life is like a tapestry, woven from your memories of people and events. Some threads are dark, while others are bright. Your individual tapestry shines vividly in your mind, reminding you of who you are, where you've been and what you've done. - CNN Story - Alzheimer's: Mementos help preserve memories 

An Oklahoma wine competition is guaranteed to teach you some new things about your friends, your state and maybe even the state of your friends!

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