Could This Be The Ultimate Anti-Merlot

Oklahoma Wine in New York

New York wine writer Lenn Thompson is working on tasting wines from all fifty of these United States. I hope he succeeds in spreading the word about some of the wonderful wines currently being made in states that are less well known for their winemaking!

If you want to keep up with his tasting travels stop by Wine Sediments or you can also read some of his other wine reviews on his older wine blog: Lenndevours.

This week I was pleased to read Lenn's review of my Dad's Nuyaka Creek Merlot. If you were one of the few that braved the rains to attend our Spring winefest, you probably tried this year's Merlot. Here's how Lenn described the flavor:

Looking at it in the glass, I'd never guess it was merlot. Slightly opaque and medium-light ruby color, I'd peg it for a pinot noir if you held a gun to my head.

Instead of the typical merlot scents of blackberry, black currant and black cherry, this wine offers intense but simple strawberry jam aromas.

The palate is light-bodied, extremely low in tannin, with a subtle effervescence. -- Lenn Thompson
What a coincidence 'intense but simple' is how I am often described!

Thanks for the wine review Lenn... and Bon Voyage!

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