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Alder, the author of: Vinography: a wine blog, has published a nice posting on the annual salary survey results that Wine Business Monthly has collected. Results of the 2005 Wine Industry Compensation Survey reveal that 77 percent of the jobs showed an increase in annual base pay since 2004, and the average raise was 5.8 percent.

Here are some more wine industry pay highlights from Alder's blog posting:
  • Head winemaker: $92,435
  • Assistant winemaker: $53, 054
  • Vineyard manager: $76,685
  • Vice President for sales for a corporate winery: $151,555
  • Tasting room manager: $47,217
  • Cellar rat: $32,756
  • Tasting Room staff: $24,701

Alder's blog is one of the most widely read wine blogs on the internet. Stop by and take a look at his article, some of his readers have added some very interesting comments. See Wine Business Monthly for the full Salary Survey story.

Vinography: a wine blog: Making a Living in The Wine Business
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