More Popular Than George Bush in Oklahoma

Tres Suenos Winery Says: Free the Grapes!

The Midwest City Sun has done an article on the March 7, 2006 lawsuit by wine and spirits wholesalers Central Liquor Co., Jarboe Sales Co. and Action Wholesale Liquor Co. The three companies recently filed a law suit to reverse the 2001 decision by Oklahoma voters allowing state wineries to sell their own wine to restaurants and liquor stores.

They interviewed Richard Kennedy from Tres Suenos winery. He has some interesting insights about the three big alcohol wholesellers in the state trying to control distribution by overriding the voice of the Oklahoma citizens. He also discusses how he believes that one problem in getting fair and effective Oklahoma wine legislation is... bipartisan politics.

I support whoever supports our bills,we have both republicans and democrats working on it, but the Speaker of the House Todd Hiett, he won’t even hear us. I felt hopeful when he and Wes Watkins introduced their rural economic development plan but it turned out to be a total joke. -- Richard Kennedy, Owner of Tres Suenos Winery in Luther, OK

Later on, Richard did applaud Representatives Lance Cargill and Trey Worthern for hearing the wineries out. However, he had little good news about the future of Oklahoma wineries under the current political climate.

Oklahoma voters cast more votes for State Question 688 (whether wineries could direct sell) than any person or question on that general election, beating even President George W. Bush in popularity. Apparently, that loud statement to the Oklahoma legislature was not loud enough to drowned out the frantic bidding of corporate lobbists. Watch the OGGWMA site for more breaking news on this issue.

The Sun - Fighting to stay alive Free the Grapes!

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