Cross Country Wine Blogging Adventure May 5

Readers of this blog should know by now that wine is made in every single one of the United States. Lenn Thompson author of the popular New York Wine Blog Lenndevours (http://www.lenndevours.com/) is on a mission to taste, review and write about at least one wine from every state in the union over the course of 50 weeks (starting May 5).

You can read more about it here: http://www.wellfed.net/winesediments/winesediments.php/2006/04/07/announcing_50_states_50_wineries_50_week

Oklahoma winemakers interested in participating should contact Lenn via his blog or email me and I will send you the address to mail your wine to for review.

Wine Sediments - Announcing: 50 States. 50 Wineries. 50 Weeks

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