Valium Safe to Direct Ship, But Not Wine?

Oklahoma Congress Punts on Reform...Again!

A couple of measures seeking to reform Oklahoma's ancient and oppressive alcohol laws were killed in committees or buried via other arcane senate methods. Lawmakers continue to ignore the obvious tide of Oklahoma voter opinion that calls for a free and fair market for Oklahoma wines.

Meanwhile, the liquor distribution lobby has decided that the best way to 'level the playing' field' in Oklahoma is to file an injunction to ensure no Oklahoma winery can sell its products in our own state.

Oklahoma City's Action Wholesale Liquors and Central Liquor, along with Jarboe Sales Co. in Tulsa, smell the potential to build a monopoly for themselves on the backs of Oklahoma's farmers and family wineries. Sadly, many of the major media outlets seem to be ignoring this story. Here's a quote from The Cushing Daily Citizen, one paper that is willing to talk about the issue:

As far as the wholesalers' lawsuit is concerned, their plans may be partially realized with a temporary injunction against Oklahoma's wine industry. The injunction would stop shipments to liquor stores and restaurants.
I'm not sure what is supposed to be 'temporary' about it. The wholesalers argue that Oklahoma winemakers can't be trusted to report and pay their taxes and enforce the age limit laws to their high standard. Obviously, those issues go beyond restaurants and liquor stores and are not temporary. Wholesalers want Oklahoma judges to believe that the 22 percent fee they charge wine producers to 'distribute' is the only method for collecting taxes and checking ID's.

Ending the 'advantage' Oklahoma's few dozen family wineries supposedly have over Napa valley and the corporate liquor wholesalers is merely political cover for taking away what the people of Oklahoma demanded by a landslide majority vote.

What is that? Sound and sustainable local wine and grape industries.

Why ask the government for it? Because it was the government that took it away and that attacks it today. This will be the second time government meddling has killed Oklahoma's grape and wine industry.

I expect corporations to lobby our leaders constantly for favors, but from our leaders I hope for wisdom.

This issue should have been settled legislatively, not in the courts. Our justice system should be used to provide justice to victims...not create victims. The next time someone tells you that corporations need more protection from frivolous lawsuits remember that they are all too willing to abuse the courts for their own avarice.

The Cushing Daily Citizen - Oklahoma wine glasses: half full or half empty

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