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The Perfect His & Hers Oklahoma Wine Events

Join Nuyaka Creek Winery for our Spring Wine Festival May 6th, 2006 from Noon until 7pm!

Our family at Nuyaka Creek Winery is making plans for the annual Spring Wine Festival. This year it is on May 6th. We are interested in your input as to any activities that you might enjoy. http://www.nuyakacreek.com/winefest.htm

Tackle and Tipple deals at Nuyaka Creek Winery

In the meantime, we are going to have a special event on April 1st, 2006 (April Fool’s Day). This is your opportunity to make a “Fool” of the winemaker.

Pete, Nuyaka Creek Winery's winemaker, is always on the look-out for a good deal and he is ready to pass this on to you. He purchased a bunch of fishing tackle, some used, but most new and he is ready to give our customers the best prices they have ever seen.

For instance the bargains include:

  • Zebco 202 reels $1.99

  • Zebco Combo Rod & Reels $7.99 values to $25.00

  • Zebco Quantum Crappy reels $7.99 regular $25.00 value.

  • Many more including great buys on the old Zebco Classic 33, plus hooks and sinkers.

Come out, bring the whole family, and if the spouse isn’t interested in looking through fishing supplies, they can taste some wine while the fisherpersons (?) get the buy of a lifetime. If you don’t like the price of something you see, just haggle with Pete a little and see how big a 'FOOL' you can make him. He will be there making foolish deals all day long.

Bring a picnic lunch and you can try out some of your new purchases at the pond. We want to make this a fun day and we hope give you some really great buys.

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