Sneak Attack on Oklahoma Wine Industry

Yesterday, a sneaky attempt by hired lobbyists to kill the Oklahoma Grape and Wine industry was launched.

Senate Joint Resolution 41 (SJR41) was amended in the Business and Labor Committee of the Senate to strike Constitutional language permitting Oklahoma Wine Makers to sell their products directly to Oklahoma restaurants and retail liquor stores. Striking the previously approved constitutional language could lead to the death of the Oklahoma grape and wine industry that has grown from 3 wineries in 2000 to more than 31 today due largely to the opportunities recently afforded the industry by Oklahoma’s voters.

For the last few years, liquor distributors in Oklahoma and around the country have been fighting like mad to bring an end to the young Wine industries developing in their states. These large distributors seek to destroy any market they cannot control. California wineries have grown large enough to afford protection from these anti-free-trade, corporate lobby efforts. Oklahoma wine makers and grape growers are likely to need some help getting the voice of reason heard by our legislators.

SJR41 was authored by Senator Harry Coates, who is an avid supporter of the Oklahoma grape and wine industry, appeared in the Senate’s Business and Labor Committee yesterday in an amended version where it was passed.

Don't let these backdoor tactics succeed! Contact your reps. Demand that the Oklahoma Senate again amend SJR41 to return it to the original language and get the consumer shipping issue to a vote of the people. Free the Grapes!

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