Don Neil of StableRidge Vineyards in The Oklahoman

Oklahoma Wineries in the News

Tom Lindley has a fine article in The Oklahoman today about new winery development in Stroud, Oklahoma and the overall growth of wineries and vineyards all over Lincoln County. Here's a brief quote:

At last count, the county was home to 55 vineyards and four wineries. It takes five years to bring a vineyard to full harvest, but judging by the interest in grapes all across Oklahoma, growers don’t want to wait until tomorrow to get started.

With its climate, slope of the land, wind flow and drainage, Oklahoma always has been well suited for growing grapes. - Tom Lindley
The article goes on to quote Don and Annetta Neal from StableRidge Vineyard on Route 66 in Stroud, Oklahoma and mentions that there are now more than 500 acres of wine grapes planted in the state. Visit the Oklahoman's website for the whole article or pick up the paper today!

Popping the Cork on State’s Vineyards by Tom Lindley in The Oklahoman

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