First Legal Oklahoma Distillery Raises Spirits in OKC

Old Russian Recipe - New Oklahoma Vodka

Computer analyst Marc Spain is the president of Old Russia Distillery and Spirits. Along with his business partners Gary Robinson and Bret Stacy, Marc produces Metore's Russian Heritage Grain Vodka. Shockingly, the ultra-premium vodka they create is made right here in Oklahoma! Yes, that's right the new Oklahoma distillery is called Old Russia Distillery!

Old Russia's ultra-premium vodka is created in small batches of high ethanol spirits that are filtered many more times than most competing vodka's. The Russian family vodka recipe which led to Metore's was originally used for turning the poor quality Russian 'state' vodka into a smooth quaffing drink of the highest quality. The processed involved using various filters and distillation equipment. When the old family process was brought to Oklahoma the result was a bronze medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Not too shabby for Year One of the Oklahoma Distilling Industry!

Metore's Vodka holds anywhere from three to 10 taste testings each month at various private parties, bars and liquor stores across the state. Who knows you may even read about a few of them here!

Dianne and I grabbed ourselves a fifth of Metore's Russian Heritage Grain Vodka at Parklane Liquor in Tulsa for around $27 this weekend, but it is available all over the state. Old Russia's laborious filtering process does indeed yield and incredibly smooth vodka...easily comparable to Stoli, our old favorite. Vodka aficionados wishing to try Metore's Ultra Premium Vodka will have to visit our fair state for the luxury. As Oklahoma winemakers will tell you, there are many export hurdles to jump to sell Oklahoma alcohol on the world market.

The Future of Oklahoma Vodka

Future plans for this Oklahoma distiller include creating a more diverse line of single-grain vodkas, such as a rye vodka or a wheat vodka. Old Russia Distillery also plans to start making ultra-premium gin and brandy. Although Brandy is the spirit of choice in our house, I am quite excited to try their rye. In my younger days, I used to enjoy the slightly 'bready' flavor of a locally produced rye beverage.

Starting a distillery in Oklahoma is a bold move. Oklahoma Wine News salutes the pioneers at Old Russia Distillery & Spirits and we wish them the best of luck.

Old Russia Distillery & Spirits
900 West Main Street, Suite 280
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Phone: 405-231-3460

Old Russia Distillery and Spirits - Home of Metore's Russian Heritage Grain Vodka

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