French Give 400,000 Bottles of Wine to Motorists

Drive Carefully If Visiting France Soon!

Bold new French wine promotion news from News.com:

WINE growers in southern France, eager to alert holidaymakers to the crisis hitting the industry, will hand out 400,000 bottles later this month at toll booths and along rural roads in the region.

Wines produced in the Aude department - in and around Narbonne and Carcassonne - as well as those made in the Languedoc will be given out, especially to tourists vacationing in the Aude, the wine producers' union said.

The free bottles will bear special labels extolling the virtues of the wine, and producers also will distribute leaflets explaining the current overproduction crisis in France's wine industry.

Buckle up now, Ya'll.

French give away 400,000 bottles of wine to drivers

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