Okemah JazzFest at Grape Ranch Winery

Jazz and Wine Event in Okemah
This weekend Dianne and I ventured out to Okemah's Grape Ranch winery. The folks at Grape Ranch are really nice and they have an excellent facility for parties and events, but finding out about their events can be a bit tricky, if they don't send me the details. Their website, though lovely, is not updated very often and worse it is Flash based, so it is mostly invisible to search engines like Google.

Thankfully, your humble Oklahoma Wine News author and his faithful wife have a more 'Hands-On' technique we employ in just such a situation...we show up for drinks! Which is how we found out about the event listed below:

Grape Ranch JazzFest

The Okemah JazzFest at the Grape Ranch will be held June 4, 2005 from 2pm to 9pm. Look for live jazz music featuring Miss Amy and Her Sho-Nuff Blues Men, John Fullbright and other talented artists. See you there! Technorati Tag: wine tasting

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