Glenpool and Tulsa To Celebrate Oil Discovery

Birth of a Boomtown, Birth of a State

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ida E. Glenn discovery, and the cities of Glenpool and Tulsa will be celebrating this great event. (click here for more info)

The Ida E. Glenn No. 1 oil well gusher was struck in November of 1905. During that year Oklahoma produced more oil than any other state in the United States AND more than any other country in the world. Not surprisingly, Oklahoma became a state in 1907.

There was no apparent reason on the surface of the Glenn Pool to drill a well where Robert Galbreath and Frank Chesley drilled. But they put their tust in wildcatters luck, and they forever changed the American oil industry. It has been said that more money was made on the Glenn Pool oil field than the California gold rush and Colorado silver rush combined.

The cities of Glenpool and Tulsa will be celebrating this historic event in November. Check http://www.glennpoolcentennial.com/ as other activities are announced.

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