Need a Health Insurance Plan for Your Oklahoma Wine Business?

Getting good quality health insurance for reasonable prices can be a real challenge for any small business. Also, since most Oklahoma wineries are family businesses, they have a strong desire to provide health benefits to their workers. Recently, a special group plan has been set up for Oklahoma Main Street communities that might help wineries all over Oklahoma deal with this issue.

Now, several communities in the state are working with the program to provide health coverage for businesses with two to 19 employees. It is available to any interested and qualified member of Downtown Shawnee Inc., said Kristina Chastain, executive director.

The plan, underwritten by BlueCross/BlueShield, offers doctors copays, a range of deductibles from $200-$5,000, four networks and the assurance that 'groups are individually 'pre-screened' and can't be declined' after meeting certain participation and contribution guidelines. Health savings accounts also are available, he said.

The insurance is not limited to businesses in Shawnee, but you will need to become a member of the Downtown Shawnee organization.

For application forms or more information on the insurance plan visit the Downtown Shawnee Inc. office, Suite 411 in the Masonic Building at 23 E. 9th Street in Shawnee or call Diana Robertson at 405-273-1080.

News-Star Online - New health insurance plan offered for Downtown Shawnee members 12/26/04

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