Red Wine For Lung Cancer Prevention

Drink Red Wine to Fight Lung Cancer!

Recent research suggests that red wine helps guard against lung cancer, a common cancer found in Oklahoma. More good news for Oklahoma wineries and not just the wineries who make elderberry wine!

Drinking a glass a day can offer significant protection against the disease, but the wine has to be red: rosé is no good, and white might even bring a higher risk.

Neither beer nor spirits appears to affect the cancer, according to the study by researchers at Santiago de Compostela University, published in the journal Thorax.

Red wine is said to protect against conditions from colds to heart disease, and the authors suggest the anti-cancer effect is due to antioxidants in tannins and resveratrol, a chemical that slows tumour growth.

The benefit is significant even after adjustments for smoking, occupation and overall drinking habits in the study, which involved lung cancer patients and others requiring minor surgery.

Check out the full article online.

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