Panther Hills Winery Opening April 1, 2005

Oklahoma Wine Industry Growth Continues

2005 promises to be a banner year for Oklahoma winemakers and grape growers. Business men, farmers and young families all over the state are planting their wine grapes, building tasting rooms, and creating wine festival arts and crafts to take part in the developing Oklahoma wine tourism industry. The appeal of an exciting job meeting great people while pioneering an industry that won't abandon our region... is catching on fast.

Panther Hills Winery is in Western Oklahoma and was established as a licensed winery in the summer of 2004.
Panther Hills Winery
Currently, all vineyard work is performed by Ron and his three children, Kate, Stefanie, and Sam. Ron's viticulture philosophy is to keep it as natural and organic as possible. In the winery, Ron has a similar philosophy. All wines are allowed to undergo fermentation using only the naturally occuring yeasts that are present on the grapes. Fermentation is conducted under temperature controlled conditions and monitored closely.

In addition to Panther Hills, look for Woodland Park Vineyards, Twin Lakes Vineyard and Parsons Vineyard and Winery to open in the spring of 2005 as well. Those that become successful should spawn restaurants, lodging, cooperage, art studios and a wealth of other complimentary enterprises.

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