NJ Wineries and Wine Lovers Bested By Corporate Lobbying

New Jersey has given wine-lovers in California another reason to be thankful they live in the Golden State. To the satisfaction of alcohol distributors, last month New Jersey brought all direct-shipping of wine in the state to a halt. This change has left many small-winery owners shaking their heads.

According to a Federal Trade Commission study of wine ordered online, states that allow direct shipping have had few, if any, problems. The commission also found bans on direct shipping hurt Internet commerce and limited consumer choices. According to the trade commission study, state bans on direct shipping also prevent consumers from saving as much as 21 percent of the cost of some wines.

The large alcohol producers and distributors that support this change claim their goal is to protect America's youth from drinking. Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse!

See the full article in the Daily Democrat - Small wineries see red over state shipping

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