Small Business Trends Weblog Mentions Oklahoma Wine News

Blogging for Wine Tourists
Anita Campbell's insightful weblog Small Business Trends is an invaluable resource for family wineries in Oklahoma. I visit it regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies that are available to help small businesses compete. Case in point, her recent article on blogging for agritourism.

Agritourism businesses have also discovered the benefits of blogging. For instance, one of the blogs I link to here, the Oklahoma Wine News blog, is written by the folks at Nuyaka Creek Winery. It contains all sorts of interesting links and information about wineries, wine tastings, festivals, local bed-and-breakfasts -- everything a visitor might need to know.

Oklahoma's emerging wine industry in not merely a beverage manufacturing industry. If it were, there would be little hope for family wineries vineyards in Oklahoma to survive in a Gallo-dominated market. However, the real business model is one of tourism, not manufacturing. This is why we are going to be seeing more and more web sites and blogs maintained by the families that own Oklahoma wineries. It is simply the fastest, cheapest way to get the word out and attract new business.

Small Business Trends - Agritourism discovers the benefits of blogging.

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